Negroni Pompelmo

The time between work and dinner should be one thing: to be enjoyed. This is particularly easy with an aperitif like the "Negroni Pompelmo". This drink dispenses with high-proof gin and replaces it with sparkling prosecco and refreshing Pampelmuse. The perfect drink to sip your way into a relaxed evening.


3 cl

Vermouth Rosso

3 cl


fill up with

Pro Tipp by Fabian Mathis

Those who like to experiment with bitters can replace the Campari with the Carpano Botanic Bitter. This Italian bitter combine ten herbs into a harmonious whole and gives the "Negroni Pompelmo" a slightly tarter twist.

You can also enjoy the "Negroni Pompelmo" and many other drinks at Kaffee Kind. That's where bartender Fabian Mathis pursues his fascination for multi-faceted drinks almost every evening.

Kaffee Kind
Good music, tasty drinks, chill atmosphere: The colorfully mixed Kaffee Kind invites you to let loose and dance. This is especially fun when the Italo disco is on the program, and the good old vinyl records are running hot.
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